Terms of Use

"The Customer, by using the services provided by Mtransactional (hereby ""Company""), agrees to all Terms and Conditions written below in this Terms of Use Agreement (hereby ""Agreement"").

The Customer will not be able to use Company's service shall they not agree to this Agreement. Registering an account renders the Customer's agreement to this Agreement."

Shall there be any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support.

01Agreement to the Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is between the Customer and Company, and shall be binding the Customer to the terms and conditions. This Agreement applies to all services that Company will provide to the Customer.

02General Terms and Conditions

"This Agreement is in accordance with the laws and regulations of the British Virgin Islands. All legal proceedings resulting from this Agreement will be held in the British Virgin Islands, and legal proceedings taking place in another jurisdiction shall become invalid."

Company does not bear responsibility for reasons due to or resulting from force majeure, governmental institutions, or legal authorities. Any part of this Agreement rendered invalid by law or regulations shall have no effect on the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions in this Agreement.

"Company's rights and obligations in this Agreement shall take effect regardless of the Customer's agreement. Company has the right to change or modify this Agreement at any time without the Customer's consent. Confirmation of any changes or editions to this Agreement remains the Customer's sole responsibility. All changes or editions shall be valid on the day that such information has been published. Shall the Customer not agree to the new terms and conditions, the Customer shall stop all usage of Company's Website and services, and may contact Company for any inquiries."

03Customer Eligibility

Company requires that the Customer fully understands all merits and risks associated with using Website and its services, and that such understanding leads to financial trading and transactions which require experience and expertise before use.

"Company does not bear responsibility to ensure that the Customer has sufficient knowledge and expertise before undergoing financial transactions. In addition, Company is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of Website and services by Customer. All investment decisions and transactions made at Website and services remain the Customer's responsibility. Shall the use of Website and services go against laws and regulations in the user's jurisdiction or territory, it is the user's responsibility to stop any trading immediately."

If it has been found by Company that trading by user is occuring in a prohibited territory or jurisdiction, Company has the right to, upon judgment, stop the provision of services as well as the right to forcefully delete membership information, and may contact the proper authorities regarding such use by user.

"Company's services are not provided to persons under the age of 20 (hereby ""minors"") or to unqualified parties. If the user is a minor or an unqualified party, please stop using Company's services immediately. Company is not liable for matters relating to the use of Website and services by minors or unqualified parties. Shall it be discovered after account registration, Company has the right to forcefully stop the provision of services to minors and unqualified parties."

04Registration Information

"Upon account registration by Customer at Company's Website, it is the Customer's sole responsibility to strictly safeguard and manage their username and password. The Customer may not display such information to a third party, nor use a third party's password to access Company's services. All trades, transactions, damages, and losses resulting from the use of Customer's password remain the responsibility of the Customer."

"The Customer agrees to provide true and accurate personal information when registering an account at Company's Website. Company undergoes procedures to verify the Customer's identity at various steps during the use of Website and services, and therefore the Customer is encouraged to not use nicknames or pseudonyms when creating account at Website. Shall the provided identification documents not match the Customer's account information, Company may stop all deposit or withdrawal activities along with access to Website and services. Regarding personal information submitted to Company, Company will strictly manage such information according to the Privacy Policy."


"The Customer acknowledges that all use of Website and services remains the Customer's responsibility, and Company does not bear any responsibility. The use of Website may result in the loss of all invested money, and therefore will require use by an experienced trader with expertise in financial markets and understanding of all risks associated with financial products. As the Customer may lose all invested amounts, please ensure that you invest amounts that do not pose financial dangers for yourself. Please understand and agree to the risks involved with the use of our binary options Website and its services."

06Limits of License

"As the legality of trading of financial products and investments varies between different territories and jurisdictions, the Customer is responsible for complying with all laws and regulations associated with their country of residence and its legal authorities regarding any use of Website and services. Please confirm that use of Website and services do not violate laws and regulations in your territory."

"The Customer declares to not use deposited money at Website or services for the purpose of conducting criminal activities and other illegal operations. Any taxes, fees, or other costs resulting from the earnings from the use of Company's services remain the Customer's sole responsibility."

07Limits of License

"Company grants the Customer a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for the purpose of using Company's Website and services through a membership account. Without consent from Company, the Customer agrees to not transfer, copy, reproduce, or display contents from Company's services to a third party. Any violation of this Agreement becomes the responsibility of the Customer. The Customer agrees to only use contents found inside Website for purpose of conducting financial transactions through Company's services."

If personal information provided by Customer deems to be incorrect or inaccurate, based on Company's judgment, or shall certain actions violate the terms and conditions in this Agreement, in addition to other guidelines and policies, Company has the right to cancel the validity of the license granted to Customer, and will at the same time stop all access to account and services.

In addition, Company has the right to, without notification to the Customer, at any time stop access, block transactions, and erase or delete Customer's personal information and contents.

08Financial Data

"Through agents, partners, vendors, and service providers, Company provides the Customer with financial data and information during the use of Website and services. Such financial information includes financial market data and news, analyses on options, studies and reports, graphs and images, and other materials or a part of such materials. Financial information provided by Company is not for the intention of convincing the Customer to make certain trades or transactions."

Such financial information is merely for the purpose of offering convenience to the Customer, and Company is not responsible for the completeness or correctness of such information provided by third parties, and will not bear responsibility for the results of the trades or transactions. As the financial and economic markets change rapidly, financial data on those markets can change drastically.

"With or without notification to the Customer, Company may at any time stop the provision of such financial data without bearing responsibility for the correctness or relevance of such data provided by third parties, and such third parties shall not bear responsibility. All confirmation of the correctness and usefulness of financial data remains the Customer's sole responsibility. The Customer agrees to not file complaints to Company regarding, and to be solely responsible for, any loss or damage resulting from the use of such financial data."

09Discontinuation of Trading

Based on Company's judgment, Company has the right to cancel transactions, deny service, and choose profit delivery method shall the following violations be made on the part of the Customer.

  • -The Customer's actions and activities violate laws and regulations.
  • -The Customer undergoes financial trading with the intention of causing legal, monetary, or financial harm to Company.
  • -The Customer undergoes financial trading that is in violations with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  • -Using automated tools, the Customer undergoes abnormal trading practices.
  • -The Customer holds more than one account or undergoes trading using accounts in a group fashion (including family members).
  • -Under the circumstances that a credit card with information that is not the same as the information during account creation at Company's site was used for payment.
  • -The Customer creates and/or uses another account or fictional account (or uses another user's account).
  • -The Customer violates any term or condition in this Agreement.
  • -The Customer makes excess complaints.
  • -After membership cancellation, the user tries to register again as a member.
  • -The Customer cancels transactions or requests in excess.
  • -The Customer uses Company's services for the sole purpose of obtaining points.
  • -The Customer invades or damages Company's security management systems, or any acts similar to such.
  • -Other acts that are prohibited by Company.
  • Shall any of the above occur, Company will stop trades immediately and will forcefully close the Customer's account. Upon forced account closure, the remaining profits gained from trading and transactions will be erased, and only the initial deposit will be returned to the Customer (and if the balance is lower than the initial deposit amount, only the balance will be returned).
  • -If a certain amount of irregularities occurs in the transactions, it is possible that trading may not be made available.
  • -For certain reasons if Company's services have amounted to overloaded traffic (including server attacks), it is possible that Company's trading services can be suspended.
  • -If the name of customer and name of credit card holder is different, company has the right to restrict the corresponding transaction and refund it back to the account holder.

10Point/Bonus Policy

As a part of our service environment, Company may offer Customer points.

If you have not logged in for more than one month, unused tradepoints will disappear.

Bonuses are time-limited according to each bonus' conditions, and may change without notififcation to the Customer.

If the bonus expires, it will be disappeared.

If you wish to reject a bonus, after making your deposit and before you make your first trade, please kindly contact and notify our customer support.

Profits earned from trading with deposit amounts will be reflected in the total deposit account balance, while profits earned from trading with bonus amounts will be reflected in the bonus account balance.

The withdrawal conditions of each bonus must be met When you get bonuses.

The condition for withdrawing the bonus offered at intial deposit is that the trading volume must be 15 times that of the combined deposit and bonus amount.

The traded volume starts with the balance of the amount deposited. Once the balance of the amount deposited has been depleted, the bonus amount can be used.

11Limited Liability

"Company aims to continuously provide stable services to the Customer. However, Company bears no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from any connection problems, delays, or errors associated with the improper use of Website and services. Company is free of liability from any technical trouble arising from Internet connection, phone line or Internet network, computer online systems, servers or providers, hardware, and software. Company is not responsible for any loss or damage occurred from using Website and services."

"Company is not responsible, directly, indirectly, or accidentally, for any loss or damage occured when using Website's contents and information. Company is not liable for amounts deposited at Website or any amount deposited over the maximum limit shall the Customer violate local laws and regulations based on their country of residence."

12Anti-Money Laundering

"Company strictly forbids the use of Website and services for the purpose of money laundering. Company employs extremely strict and valid anti-money laundering policies Company has the right to deny, stop, or cancel transactions shall the Customer's actions violate our anti-money laundering policies as outlined below:"

  • -The Customer shall provide the necessary information upon request by Company.
  • -For profits gained from trading at Website, the withdrawn amount will only be wired to the same individual who opened the account, in accordance with our account registration procedure.
  • -For any wire transfer for withdrawals, the amount will only be tranfered to the bank account holder's name which is the same as the account name under the account at Website. It is the Customer's sole responsibility to ensure that both account names are the same.
  • -Company will suspend trading activity related to the account until the Customer has provided, under request from Company, the required passport copy or other identification documents that can fully identify the Customer.
  • -The condition for withdrawing is for preventing money laundering.

13Intellectual Property

"All contents, symbols, trademarks, logos, icons, etc. of Company and its affiliates and third party partners will remain protected under related policies and international regulations. The Customer agrees to not hide or delete any intellectual or ownership rights of materials downloaded, printed, or videotaped from Company's Website and services. For any other materials and items not outlined in this Agreement, the Customer shall never have any license, ownership, or intellectual property of the contents at Website and services."

"Company has ownership rights over any image or material appearing on Website. Not limited to the terms in this Agreement, the Customer has no license or right over the intellectual property of Website or contents on Website. The Customer agrees to not upload, copy, post, or distribute information, software, or other contents from Website."


In the event that the Customer violates any terms and conditions written in this Agreement during the use of Website and access to its services, the Customer agrees to not hold Company and its managers, directors, employees, and agencies liable for any damages or losses, including legal fees, and shall the Customer cause damage, loss, and legal fees to a third party using Company's services, the Customer shall be held liable for such damage, loss, and legal fees.


"Company provides links supplied by third parties or links from managed sites. The links on Website are provided by link owners and third party providers, and Company does not offer any guarantee or warranty the official status of links on Website. Company is not responsible for losses or damages resulting from the use of links that lead to contents and information, as such links are for the purpose of providing Website services to Customer with the intention of offering convenience."

16Withdrawal Procedure

Company will undergo the withdrawal procedure upon receiving a withdrawal request from the Customer along with the required identification documents to ensure that the Customer is in fact the individual requesting such withdrawal.The withdrawal conditions must be met that is more than deposit amount.

During any given withdrawal, the minimum amount is 10,000 JPY and the maximum amount is 500,000 JPY. Shall the desired withdrawal amount be greater than 500,000 JPY, please separate the amount into multiple withdrawal requests. The cost of each withdrawal is 2,000 JPY.

As a means of withdrawal,we will make it by bank transfer or I-wallet remittance. we will process it and confirm it within one business day

17Agreement Duration and Agreement Cancellation

There is no expiry for the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Company has the right to, while informing Customer, end this Agreement with Customer at any time. In the event of Agreement cancellation, all trading and transactions will be stopped for the Customer.

For accounts that have not traded for 6 months, a monthly account maintenance fee of 1000 JPY will be deducted from the balance only if the balance is held.

If you unsubscribe your account without fulfilling the conditions for withdrawal, The unsubscribe will be processed while your balance remains in your account.