Questions Regarding Account Registration

Q1 How do I register for an account?
Q2 Are there costs to register and maintain an account?
Q3 I sent an email to open an account, but I have not received a reply email.
Q4 Can I register an account using my smartphone or tablet?
Q5 I have forgotten my login password.

Questions Regarding Deposits/Withdrawals

Q1 Which deposit methods do you have?
Q2 How do I deposit?
Q3 How do I withdraw?
Q4 What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
Q5 How long does it take to withdraw ?
Q6 Are there required documents during the withdrawal procedure?
Q7 How much is the withdrawal fee?
Q8 Can I use a debit card ?
Q9 Can I deposit by bank transfer ?

Questions Regarding Trading

Q1 What is binary options?
Q2 How do I start trading?
Q3 How much is the minimum trade fee ?
Q4 What time is the available trading time ?

Technical Questions

Q1 Can I trade from a smartphone or tablet?