What is Binary Options?

Binary options is simply estimating the outcome of exchange rate changes by predicting "Up" or "Down".

If the outcome goes according to your placement, then you reap the profits from that trade.

What is Binary Options?

Merits of Binary Options

Stock trading and forex trading provide high leverage as investment tools, but can result in losses that are above your intial capital. However, binary options lets you know your maximum gain and loss on a particular trade, and therefore large losses are not at all present.

As well, binary options involves just placing "Up" or "Down" on a trade, even beginners can easily trade and earn profits as trade results appear after 1 minute, and expert knowledge of market trends is not necessary.

Another benefit of using binary options as an investment tool is that you can make a trade starting at 200 JPY, making it a low cost investment tool in the market.

Types of Binary Options Trading Methods

When trading binary options, there are many methods including High & Low, Ladder, One-Touch, Range, and many others.

At TRADE200, we offer 4 different methods: High & Low, point trade, Short-Term, and RETURN200 which is the industry-leading 200% payout rate trading method.

You, as the valued customer, are welcome to choose the trading method that best suits your lifestyle and trading needs.

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