Privacy Policy

TRADE200 strictly keeps the following policies to safeguard and maintain personal information with secure measures.

01Personal Data Management

All personal data provided to TRADE200 are kept up-to-date and stored securely in order to prevent improper access, data loss, data damage, and data disclosure. TRADE200 takes data security seriously with security measures and policies in place to safely manage personal information.

02Use of Personal Data

TRADE200 collects personal data from users for the following purposes.

  • ・Identification documents to identify and confirm user identity.
  • ・Contacting the customer regarding questions, customer service, campaigns, and document requests.
  • ・Payment or withdrawal procedures.
  • ・Countering international money laundering practices.
  • ・Preventing the improper use of credit cards.

03Prohibition of Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

TRADE200 strictly protects the customer's personal information, and will not disclose or provide data to third parties other than the following situations.

  • ・When the customer consents to disclosure or provision.
  • ・When by law, we are required to provide such personal information.
  • ・When our affiliated companies are requesting such data.
  • ・If such personal information has been known prior to the customer providing us such information.
  • ・When there is a need to disclose such information in order to protect our rights.

04Personal Information Security Policy

TRADE200 keeps data security to a high level in order to prevent improper access, loss, damage or data leakage of personal information.

05Customer Inquiry

Shall the customer wish to inquire, edit, or delete personal data from account, TRADE200 will only service customers upon verified identification that the inquiring individual is in fact the customer.

06Contact From TRADE200

The customer may wish to and can stop contact from TRADE200. Please contact Customer Support to undergo such request.


With or without contacting the customer, TRADE200 reserves the right to change, edit, and update customer data based on strict personal information management policies.

Reviewing changes, editions, and updates of personal information management policies remains the customer's sole responsibility. All changes, editions, and updates to our personal information management policies shall take effect as soon as they are published and released on our Website.

08Contact Us

Any inquiries relating to your personal data, please contact

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